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Making a Good First Impression is an ongoing collaboration between myself and fellow artist and Print maker Patrick Bulas about printmaking, simplified. Printmaking as a medium changed the way the world is seen. With the advent of the printing press and the refinement of various techniques, books and printed images became available to a broader public. Printmaking started as something immediate–a cheap way to share information–but has now become a set of complicated processes. As an art form, it can still create beautiful imagery, but it so technically oriented, one needs to be an aficionado to be truly appreciate the craft.

Using historical printmaking references, pop culture and a little bit of insanity, Patrick and I look to push the boundaries of what is considered a print. Taking printing plates that have been created through traditional techniques like woodcut and etching and using unorthodox printing methods such as gunpowder and ramming a truck into a wall to replace the use of a press, we change how a print is made, privilege the process and learn something new about the medium.